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Borneo Artist
Experience in artistic Creation & Design for the past 10 years in various form of art
has made him known to be one of Malaysia's Talented & well known Artist.
Specializing in the art of airbrushing for the past 5 years contribute to his ability to matured in
designing his own commendable creation. He like doing creations inspired from other artist work,
but mostly his own.
- Member of Labuan Visual Arts Association.
-Organizer of W.P.Labuan Arts festival
(year 2000,2001,2002)
-Vice president/founder of Labuan Xtreme Sports
-Organizer of Labuan Borneo X Games
(year 2000,2001,2002)
-Formation of Labuan History Museum Committee.
-Member of Labuan Multi Media Technology and graphic
digital Association.

Airbrushing on motor car, Big Bike,Truck, Scooter,Jet Ski, Guitar, Pin Stripping
T-Shirt,Mobile Phone,Body art and anything else that will hold long enough
for painting..

Every complete Masterpiece was done with the combination of attention to detail, Individual approach and technique, Quality benchmarking and of course a personal magic into it.."My influences" are from the unique artist such as Borris Valejo, Hajime soriyama, H.R Giger, Jonathan Pantaleon, Martin Bouchard (Fitto), Mike Learn,Tony Mdy and many others.

My Contact Number
+6013 8706909

herman duang
p.o.box 80009, 87010. W.P.Labuan
sabah MA  

Profile Link: http://www.AirbrushArtists.org/BorneoArtist

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