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Edwin Canales
Practice makes the artwork perfect, painting airbrush is not easy medium it needs precision and control,it is more difficult than ordinary paint brush. more, more, more practice!!!

If anyone wants to perfect the airbrush rendering,try to practice freehand more often, avoid relying on frisket and practice cutting stencil pattern..

If you can cut hairline on papers or any plastic pattern there's nothing u can't airbrush exactly like original, it's just a matter of patience in detailing.

edwin canales
Olaya St. Al Faleh Building, 5th Floor
Drive Dentsu
Riyadh 11516 RI 63495 SA
Phone: +966-501339312


Profile Link: http://www.AirbrushArtists.org/EdwinCanales

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  • Airbrushmacma3d
    Airbrushmacma3d: I would love to work Airbrush paint your portrait, I was country Nguyen Vu from Vietnam, We hope to learn at your exchange, Please visit my gallery
    9/2/2011 6:56 AM

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