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Felipe Soltero
Born and raised in the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut the humble artist by the name of Felipe Soltero III has spent over 18 years learning, creating, mastering and earning a living from the craft of custom art. To cater to his eclectic array of clients the artist has sharpened his skills and broaden his versatility by earning a degree in commercial art at The Connecticut Institute of Art in Greenwich CT where he was taught numerous styles and techniques ranging from the old masters to the new age ways of computer graphics. The artist took it a step further and taught himself how to airbrush therefore achieving the ability of creating photo realistic images on an infinite array of surfaces. The artist has a broad experience ranging from garment art to automotive murals but his specialty is without a doubt portraiture. I’m sure that by viewing the images on this online gallery there’s no question that Felipe has mastered the art of airbrushing and on the same hand has achieved the ability to satisfy anyone's unusual custom request. Just email him with any questions you may have about art and he will gladly answer them by emailing him at solteroart@gmail.com For exhibits and event updates please visit his myspace page at: www.myspace.com/solteroart

Felipe Soltero
Contact for address information
Bridgeport CT 06610 US
Phone: 203-895-3833


Profile Link: http://www.AirbrushArtists.org/FelipeSoltero

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