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Gerald Mendez's Gallery

Posted by Gerald Mendez on 4/6/2006


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Gerald Mendez

Gerald Mendez

Gerald Mendez has been airbrushing since 1986. After his graphic design education in Mexico City, he undertook the challenge to master as many techniques as possible to improve the quality of his work; Including , Airbrush and Digital Illustration, along with Automotive techniques. His Drive to create what he terms as "Unreal Concepts" has helped him develop his own personal style in his artwork. Gerald currently operates his studio in Chino, California with his partner Ted Cordts, a team called "GM-BOOTLEG"
1997 Gerald started working for ODM, (one of the largest " T shirt " apparel design company in USA ). Where they introduced him into digital illustration. Opening new doors for him in this field. Ever since that day, he continues working as a digital illustrator, Gerald Mendez is currently working for Disney and any other freelance work that may come along the way
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Gerald Mendez
Gerald Mendez

GM Art & Design Center


(909) 627-8091

Gerald Mendez
Chino CA 91710 

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