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Nicko Gutierrez
Born with artistic abilities, and a natural love for art- Nicko was a precocious kid with a multitude of talents and drew much of his artistic inspiration from his hometown in Southern California. What started off as an after school and weekend hobby of drawing characters from comic books and cartoons, eventually led to a passion of replicating and recreating images of iconic figures from the past (Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, El Che, etc.) to commissioned work and today’s present genre. As a young man he attended California State University of Los Angeles to study marketing. The decision to become a full-time artist came later in his life, after stints as a home interior painter to pay for school, pharmaceutical technician, sales manager, and successful entrepreneur. Nothing came easy—he fought his way into an art career, inventing his own path and his own one-of-a-kind style. His Family and friends, mentors, and his dedication to strive for excellence, have all been instrumental in fueling the fire that drives him to push the envelope each time he produces a new piece. He has learned in the school of experience to value the things that really matter in life. Today, Nicko’s commissioned work always varies. His art has moved and morphed over the last few years- creating subjects that evoke drama, emotion, and mystery. Nicko Gutierrez Los Angeles California


Profile Link: http://www.AirbrushArtists.org/NickoGutierrez

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